The ahwahnee hotel dining room

Published at Friday, 29 January 2021.

DECOR EXCLUSION METHOD - THIS WORKS. In rooms where decor is redundant, it is worth trying the method of exclusion - just remove some of the little things. Leave only the most colorful, but at the same time simple things, the presence of which really benefits the interior. The free space looks much more comfortable than it is filled with knick-knacks. BEAUTIFUL ENVIRONMENT MAY IMPROVE LIFE. Surrounded by aesthetic and functional items matched with the soul, the mood will be better than without them. As the saying goes, "houses and walls warm." In a beautiful and comfortable house - they warm doubly. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Inner flair is the basis for creating a style and concept of decor. Therefore, the decorator listens more to himself than seeks rational reasons for his choice.

In 1915, Stephen T. Mather convinced D. J. Desmond to convert an old army barracks into the Yosemite Lodge. Desmond also began a hotel at Glacier Point the following year, while buying out a number of businesses to improve DJ Desmond Park Company’s position in upcoming park leasing contracts. A congressional act permitted this efficient supervision of the park for the enjoyment of the public. However, prominent tourists were refusing to stay at the park due to the poor conditions of the facilities (socialite Lady Astor reportedly described the Sentinel Hotel as “primitive” ), and in 1916 the newly formed National Park Service began a concerted effort to attract visitors to the parks and create better accommodations and services. Under the direction of Mather, whose greatest desire was to build a luxury hotel in Yosemite, an attempt was made to build accommodations near Yosemite Falls but it failed due to a lack of funds.

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